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How to install browser extension

Installing the Chrome browser extension

If you have already installed the TinyPress plugin, please go to your WordPress Dashboard > TinyPress > Settings 

navigate to the Browser Extensions tab, and click on Google Chrome. it will download the extension from the GitHub repository.


For Install the extension please go to your customize and control google chrome Option on your Chrome Browser then navigate to More tools then Extensions. it will navigate you to the Extensions page.

On the extensions page please turn on the Developer mode and click on the Load unpack Button.

It will prompt you to select the extension folder. please select the extension folder and it will activate the extension. you will see the extension on the extensions page.

click on the extension’s icon, you will see all activated extensions. click on the pin icon to pin the TinyPress extension.


Configure the Extension

To configure the extension Right Click on the TinyPress extension icon, and go to Options. it will navigate you to the TinyPress Options page.

Fill out the form with your Website address and Authentication Key from TinyPress Settings > Browser Extensions and save the settings.

Congratulations You have successfully configured your TinyPress Chrome Extension!


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