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Transfer license key activation

Can I Transfer My License Key From One Domain to Another?

You can transfer your license from one domain to another at any given moment.

All you need to do is deactivate the licenses from your WordPress account: WP Dashboard, Order Notifier > Manage License, or your Order Notification for WooCommerce account so that you can activate a new domain with ease.

Please follow the steps below.

How To Deactivate Licenses from Your Account

Order Notification for WooCommerce Pro license deactivation can be performed in 2 ways:

  • Directly within your WordPress dashboard,
  • By contacting support or submitting a support ticket.

How To Deactivate Order Notification for WooCommerce Licenses Within WordPress Dashboard

License deactivation from the WordPress dashboard is usually performed before WordPress reset or website migration from one domain to another, but it can also be done for the sheer purpose of license deactivation if you don’t want to use a certain plugin on your website.

In order to deactivate your licenses from the WordPress dashboard, you need to:

  •  Log into your website and go to your WP Dashboard, Order Notifier >> Manage License
  • Click the Deactivate License option

Contact Order Notification for WooCommerce Support for License Deactivation

If you are for any reason unable to perform license deactivation on your own or find it difficult to manage, contact support by submitting a support ticket or writing directly to support @pluginbazar.com and we will sort out everything for you.

Click here if you want to reactivate the plugin.

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