Open Close WooCommerce Store

Store Status Bar

When your store is closed there will be a popup status bar with a custom message and countdown timer.

Bar Position

Where do you want to show the bar? you have three options to choose from:

  • Footer: This option displays the status bar at the bottom of your web page. The Footer option is set by default.
  • Header: This option displays the status bar on the top of your web page.
  • Disable notice bar: You can disable this bar from displaying.

Show Hide Button

You have a button in the status bar to hide the bar message from the store. You can choose whether to display the button on the Status bar to display or not. sometimes you don’t want to let your customers hide the notice then you should disable the button.

Hide Button Text

Set any custom text for the hide button in the Status bar. By default, the option is: “Hide Message”


Don’t forget to Save settings after changing your settings.

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