Preorder Settings

When your shop is closed by automatically or forcefully and you want to allow some products that customers can preorder. you can allow products to be preordered with the below settings.

Enable Preorder Feature

If you want to enable the Preorder feature in your store when the store is closed, turn on the Enable Preorder Feature option.  if the option is turned on others settings will appear for this feature.

Preorder for

In this section, you can specify which products can be preordered. if you want all products can be preordered then choose the All Products option.

If you want specific products to be preordered then choose the Specific Product option and select your products of choice.

Preorder message

This option shows a custom message about preordered products. you can display the product title and your store’s next opening time by %item_title% and %next_opening_time% in your custom message.

Preorder Button Text

If you want to display custom preorder button text on your store, then place your custom text in this text field. the default text is Preorder.


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