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Force Rules

You can control your store availability instantly by forcefully. If you have an emergency to close your website, you can simply do that using this feature. This will override regular business schedules and work immediately without any issues. if you enable this option then you can control the store status with the below settings.

Enable instant controlling

If you want to control your store instantly forcefully, then turn on the switch. if the feature is turned on other settings will appear for controlling the store status.

Store Status

If you enabled instant controlling then you can choose the status of the store from this setting.

Custom Message

When you enable instant controlling and closed your shop by forcefully using the above two settings, then you might need a special message to your customers about your emergency shut down, this is why we bring this option to put a message there.


When Opened

This option is coming up with the pro version.

You can disallow some products or simply you can restrict some products from being ordered even when your website is open and completely functional.

Disallow Products

No matter whether the store’s status is opened forcefully or automatically, These products will never have the possibility of being ordered.


When Closed

This option is also coming up with the pro version. You can allow some products to be ordered even when your website is closed by forcefully or by automatically.

Allow Products

Select the products that you want to allow for being ordered even when your shop is closed.

Don’t forget to Save settings after changing to your desired settings.

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