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Schedules Configuration

After successfully installing the plugin first thing to do is configure the Schedule. we will guide you step by step, please follow the steps below to configure the Schedule.

Create Schedule

after successfully installing the plugin, you can see a notification bar top of the plugins page. which says to create a schedule. click on the Create Schedule button from the notification bar, it will navigate you to the Schedule page.

Also, you can go to the Schedule page by navigating Dashboard > Schedules > Add Schedule.

Configuring Schedule

On the Schedule page; in the Settings tab, give a name for your schedule in the Schedule Title field.


in the Message section, you can use a custom message for the popup when the store is closed. if you want to show the countdown timer with the custom message, just use %countdown% at the end. this countdown timer will countdown from the next day’s opening time.

On the schedules section, click any day tab and start to configure your Schedule

In the Label section if you want the Label for this day default then turn on the switch.

If you want to use a custom Label, turn off the switch; a text field will appear. enter your custom label name for this day.

In the Schedules section, add your scheduled time for this day. select your store opening and closing time.

If you want to allow all products for this Schedule time Click on the All Products button.

If you want to allow Specific Products, click on the Specific Products Button and select your allowed products for this Schedule time/session. you can select your product by Products, Categories, and Tags.

This is a very useful feature for allowing some products to a specific scheduled time.


You can add multiple schedules by clicking Add Schedule button if you need.

for weekends or holidays, leave the schedule empty on those days.







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